Brilliant Safety Solution

We are all about providing a high quality HSE consulting services with a truthfully affordable, effective and beneficial outcomes.

We are Brilliant so our solutions are Practical, Dynamic, Innovative and Efficient Safety Solution.

We are all about Safety and we believe in it so we don’t provide regular safety services but we provide a partnership service that enhances safety performance.


We are striving to become the Leading HSE Consultant in the Middle East that hired to eliminate employees’ injuries and save lives.


Our mission is creating Safe Efficient and Proficient workplace for organizations through establishing Dynamic HSE Management Systems, Promoting HSE Culture, Enriching employees HSE Performance and Qualifying HSE Professionals.


Honesty and Dignity are the main principles we follow in delivering our services

Trustful: We build trust through doing the best we can to safe workers and serve customers

Dynamic: Our services depend mainly on practicality and uniqueness for each customer

Innovative: We provide automated safety services, so innovation is our main pillar

Affordable: Accidents are costly, but our services are cost and resources saver.

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